Explaining the bonuses

Web-based casinos are known for the many different games that they can offer their customers, amongst several other things.
That’s just one of many aces they have up their sleeve, versus the good old land-based casino as we knew it.
Those where you had to physically show up and exchange your money for chips. Where you had to follow a certain dress code to be allowed inside. Where you could enjoy watching other players, while waiting for your turn.

Although these examples might make you feel a little nostalgic, it is actually something we would rather be without.
Fast and instant access from the couch, in our sweatpants with a nice cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer, is hard to beat. At the same time with a lightning-fast deposit directly from the credit card, and then we’re ready to play. But it is not only here that online casinos are beating the almost prehistoric land-based casinos.

Another ace is the many, many offers you get at an online casino. We dare to guarantee that you will not find many land-based casinos that offer the same.
An example could be a 100% bonus on your deposit. Can you imagine that? You physically show up at a casino in the city, with 1000,- bucks and the cashier gives you for 2000,- bucks worth of chips.
Nah not really, right?

All casinos have bonuses in common

All online casinos offer a so-called welcome bonus. It happens completely automatic upon registering at most places. For example you sign up on the website, and your first deposit is then doubled.
The welcome bonus is just the beginning though. The vast majority of casino sites will subsequently throw gifts and offers after you. It’s all about the main goal of getting you to stay.
Online casinos exist because of their regular customers. Not because of all the new sign-ups, who play once or twice a year.
These bonuses increases your bankroll, which gets you to stay. So it is win-win for both casino and customer.

It can be confusing for new players to find their way around the online casino world. That’s why we’ve created this in-depth guide. You can read all about the different bonus types below. What triggers them, what they do for you and how you can best utilize them.

We teach you how your capital can be boosted more than you could ever dream of!

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is the very first bonus you receive at an online casino. You simply get it as soon as you sign up. Sometimes it also requires you to deposit before you receive it.
The bonus itself variates. It can be a deposit bonus, which it often is, but it can also be free spins. And other times it’s actually both!
We get into both free spins and deposit bonuses later in the article.

You can only get a welcome bonus once, and of course it only applies to brand new players. Just like most other bonuses, it must be wagered before you can cash out.
However, some free spins can be paid out as soon as you win, even if bonus money has only been wagered once. So basically you can’t cash out the value of the free spins, but you can play once, win and then cash out. It’s obviously bad for the casino when that happens, but it’s a chance they’re willing to take. And they do that to get you as a loyal customer, instead of a one-time player.

What are free spins?

Free spins are simply spins on the slot machines that you don’t have to pay for. Many casinos offer them to their players on a regular basis. You do not have to pay anything to get them, and all you have to do is activate them. However sometimes, they are tied to specific machines. You can’t always be lucky that they can be used on your favorite machine.

You can receive anywhere from 10 to more than 100 free spins as a bonus. There is no limit. But don’t forget that you should always pay attention and read the rules of the bonus.
Sometimes it needs to be used within a specific period of time. Other times it has to be wagered unreasonably much before it can be cashed out. And other times, it’s simply like a gift sent from heaven.
A free chance to score a big win – something every gambler can get behind.

What is a deposit bonus?

The deposit bonus were briefly explained in the welcome bonus section. It is used as a welcome bonus 9 out of 10 times. But luckily you can also get your hands on deposit bonuses on an ongoing basis.
However when not wrapped in a welcome package, they are often a little lower. That doesn’t always apply though.

When a casino is constantly running promotions, one has to be alert to get your hands on the best ones. If you receive a big deposit bonus, you can really boost your capital.
The bonus is a percentage of your deposit, added to the actual deposit. Let’s say you deposit EUR 500,- and the bonus is called a “50% deposit bonus”. Then you will have EUR 750,- in your account instead of the 500,- you deposited.

The EUR 500,- still works as normal money, where the 250 of them comes with a set of rules. Of course, these rules need to be there. And they always contain a wagering requirement before you can pay out the bonus part as well. You can be lucky that a deposit bonus is up to 100%. To use the same example as above, if you deposit EUR 500,-, then you suddenly have EUR 1,000,- to play.
That’s one helluva bonus!

What is a no deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is the exact opposite of a deposit bonus, but in a way still the same. In the same way as a deposit bonus, you get money added directly to your account which must be wagered before they can be paid out. The difference between the two bonuses, is that this time you don’t need to deposit money to receive the bonus. The rules of a no deposit bonus are often a bit stricter than a normal deposit bonus’ rules. That’s because you don’t share the risk with the casino here. They take a big chance, and give you completely free money that you (in some way) can not lose on.

Again, you might ask yourself, why do they do that then? Isn’t that too good to be true? The short answer is just no.
It is simply a gift they give you, but the casino wins something in the long run, as they hope to get a regular and loyal customer. If your favorite casino gives you these kinds of bonuses, why should you ever play at another casino. That’s the idea behind it.

Then you might think that if you jump from casino to casino, then you can get these kind of bonuses in several places. And that is also quite true.
Therefore, we have tons of guides and reviews so you can take full advantage of these.

With that being said, there are also loyalty programs where you will be rewarded for staying at the same casino. We will discuss this in the next section.

What is a loyalty or VIP program?

Loyalty programs are available at most casinos. Some make more out of them than others.
Those who don’t have an exciting loyalty program, are probably because they expect you to casino-jump, to get the best bonuses.
But some of these programs are actually really cool, and include bonuses as well as lots of benefits, so sticking around really pays off.

A really good VIP program can actually be a hidden gem. In most cases it’s like a staircase kind of system. The more you deposit, and the more often you play, the more benefits and bonuses you get. As you climb higher up the stairs, you unlock more benefits.
For example, there may be lower wagering requirements for bonuses in general.
Then suddenly when you get a no deposit bonus, it only needs to be wagered 5 times, rather than the 15 times it normally should. Then you can cash out.

Like all other bonuses, a VIP program aims to make you stay. We also have guides covering this area.
When you can choose freely between so many casinos, it’s about finding the right one. And that ‘right one’ might as well be a casino that really rewards you just for consistant playing.

What is a reload bonus?

A reload bonus is a small deposit bonus that occurs relatively frequently and with small wagering requirements. Often it is also with a low deposit limit, so in won’t work with big deposits like EUR 100,-, but the limits are not always that low. It is given to loyal players who stay at the same casino. It is not a bonus that is available to new players.

For the most part, a reload bonus is around 20-40% of a deposit. E.g if you deposit EUR 50,- into a casino and get a 40% bonus, you have EUR 70,- to play for.
On the other hand, you might only have to wager it 4-5 times to be able to pay out, so it can be quite attractive.

Several casinos run with a fixed day of the week or month where loyal players can get a reload bonus.

What is a cashback bonus?

A cashback bonus is essentially a consolation prize. It’s not the world’s biggest bonus, and it’s not the one the “main attraction” of a casino. Still, it is very nice to get, when luck isn’t on your side.
All gamblers know that you can’t win every single time you hit the casino. If you did, there would be no casinos to play at.

Cashback is simply a feature where you get a bonus when you lose. A cashback example could be that you get 20% back of all lost deposits, by the end of the month.
So if you have lost EUR 2,000,- in one month, you will receive a EUR 400,- bonus on your account the 1st of the next month.
Other cashback bonuses are not as great. It may be only 10% of your losses every other day during the month or maybe it’ll even only counts on losses on Mondays.
So pay attention to the T&C’s.

Like all other bonuses, there are also wagering requirements here, and they are mostly on par with the requirements of other heavy bonuses such as no deposit bonuses.
Should you lose again, you will not get a percentage of the lost bonus money back as another bonus – at least not at most places.

What other bonus types are there?

There really aren’t any limits to what a bonus could be. The casinos hire skilled marketers and other expert minds to come up with just these kinds of things. So sometimes a casino comes up with something completely new and exciting. And when that happens, we’ll be the first ones out there with the information for you.

Lots of places run with an invite-a-buddy type bonus, just to name one. What that specific offer means, differs from casino to casino. But it can be anything from a deposit bonus, to bonus money you get based on what your friend loses in the future.

All in all, the casinos come up with a lot of deals to get you to stick around. And that shouldn’t be seen as something negative. This is exactly something we as players can really benefit from.
It’s just a matter of finding the right places and bonuses so you don’t waste your precious time and money.