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  • Easy to navigate
  • Often same day withdrawals
  • Deal of the day - everyday!
  • Friendly and helpful support
  • Massive game providers
  • A lot of verification
  • Monthly withdrawal limit of 10.000 £/€/$
  • Ask for SOW earlier than others

Sign up bonus and other promotions at Ahti Games

Ahti Games Casino is the right place, if you are looking for a casino that gives a 100% sign up bonus. Ahti Games casino gives you a 100% sign up bonus up to a €100. And that is only the beginning.

On their website they have a bonus called “Deal of the Day”. It is a great promotion which gives you the opportunity to get daily bonuses. Deal of the day varies from day to day. It can be free spins, slot tournaments or any number of other promotions. One thing that is important to note is you are only eligible for the bonus if you accept the bonus and then deposit money on to your account. We can’t stress this enough! If you deposit money first and then accept the onus you will not get the bonus! That would be a waste of your hard-earned money!

A daily bonus is hard to come by so do yourself the favour and check it out.

Design of the website


Ahti Games has a very user-friendly approach. Steps have been taken to make it as easy as possible for the users and that is a very good approach. The menu is easy to understand. If you are new to the casino then world Ahti Games Casino is the perfect place t start. The simplicity of the design and overlays are a match made in heaven for a novice. Of course, this does not mean that adept casino players should avoid the website. We all appreciate the simplicity.

Where Ahti Games fall a little short is the “feel” of the casino. We all want that “real” casino feeling when we sign up for an online casino and the website falls a little short in that department. Another critique we have is the slots menu. All the slots are clunked together. Why don’t they make some sub menus? It almost feels a tad claustrophobic scrolling through all their games. With some new overlays this website could be a real banger.

This can be fixed easily. Still the website is easy to navigate. So, don’t be discouraged by our critique. These are just pointers that we believe if fixed can take website t the next level. So if you are a type of person that feel these online casinos can be a little daunting then fear not! Ahti Games Casino is perfect for you to start your journey.

Ahti Games Casino on the go!

There is no doubt about it! The future of online gambling is in your pocket. More specifically more and more users are using their mobile devices and tablets to play on. For that reason, more and more casinos know that they need to accommodate users who play on other devices than their computer. Ahti Games Casino is a brilliant example of that. The casino works perfectly on your mobile devices.

And the casinos actually prefer you play on your mobile device or tablet. The reason for that is simple, it’s software. How many times have you pushed back updates on your pc or simply haven’t updated your software? This causes games to lag and makes for bad player experiences. This in turn make customers complain and customer service are forced to listen to a lot of complaints. Mobile devices are usually better updated and in turn create better gaming experiences for the customers.

Some casinos have even gone as far as giving bonuses which are only available for players who play on mobile devices.

If you are afraid that you won’t be able to play your favourite games on a mobile, then fear not. The slot providers make sure that their games are playable on all devices. The older slots might be an issue, but providers are making sure that the older slots are getting integrated to other devices as well.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you are on a Mac device or an android device.

Ahti Games Casino customer service

Ahti Games Casino have a telephone number you can call 24/7. It is a great service. There is a but though, your native language is only available during the daytime. That means if you for example are living in Spain, you can only get a customer service in Spanish during the daytime. In the evening and at nights you will have to be able to speak English. For most people this is not an issue but for some it might.

When we spoke to customer service, we experienced nothing but kindness and professionalism. They helped us with our problem, and they were very polite.

Casino customer service is an integral part of the business and we have all had a bad experience with a rude staff member at some point. Try to remember that these people get a lot of abuse and they are just doing their job. So, if you enter the call with a positive mindset than you will be treated with the same positivity.

Ahti Games Casino also have an E-mail you can write to. If you write in your native language the response time will be a little longer than if you wrote to them in English. Keep that in mind.

Overall, we only have positive things to say about their customer service. They were polite and did their best to help us. You can’t really ask for more.

Account verification

The first thing that happens when you sign up for a casino is, they will ask you to verify your account. Different countries have different rules but usually this means uploading a document that proves you are who you say you are. This could be a passport, a driver license or other documentation.

The reason this is done is to protect you and the casino. They have to make sure you are who you say you are. It also protects us users because if you have gotten your credit card stolen or are a victim of identity theft this account verification process may stop you from being robbed.

Some casinos go as far as wanting a selfie with you while you hold your documentation. This may be a little drastic, but security is always important.

This verification process usually takes a day or two. It differs a lot from casino to casino. We always recommend that you verify yourself before you start playing. If you haven’t verified yourself, you will not be able to withdraw money from the casino.

Protection of your Personal data and the casino license.  

You’re protected by GDPR, when living within EU. (General Data Protection Regulation) This means that it is illegal for companies to share your personal information. If they do so they face a massive fine or might even lose their casino license. That is not in the best interest of the casino. Your data is secured on encrypted servers. So you don’t need to worry when playing on Ahti Games Casino.

Ahti Games Casino are licensed by the UK Gambling commission, the Malta gaming authority, the Danish gambling authority, and the Swedish gambling authority.

Responsible gambling

Ahti games have several measures in place to make sure you are gambling responsibly. There are a lot of rules the casinos must follow. The first security measure is the deposit limit. You must set limits on how much money you can deposit. This may seem as an inconvenience to some put these measures are put in place to avoid gambling addiction and that is very important.

If you deposit a lot of money, they may also ask for papers that document your source of income. This is to prevent people gambling their life savings. And to make sure the money you gamble isn’t illegally obtained.

Ahti Games have a whole section of their website dedicated to responsible gaming. If you need to talk to someone Ahti Games Casino have a professional staff, you can talk to. Gambling addiction is no joke and if you feel like you are developing a problem then seek professional help.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Ahti Casino

Ahti Games offers you a range of options when you want to deposit money. There are of course the classical ways, like VISA, MasterCard, or other credit cards, depending on which country you live in.

They also accept NetEller and Skrill. If you are lucky enough to live in a country where Trustly operates then we recommend that deposit method. If you deposit with Trustly then you can also make an instant withdrawal with Trustly. That is a great service. Casinos are able to get our money instantly, we should be able to get the same service!

Conclusion of Ahti Games Casino

If you are new in the gambling world this is a perfect starter casino. We do want to emphasize one thing. If you are a high roller then we do not recommend Ahti Games Casino. The reason for this is they have a monthly withdrawal limit of approximately 10.000. This is not a problem for most people, but it is for the heavy hitters!

The feature Deal of the Day is a great service you don’t get on a lot of other casinos. Take advantage of it Just remember to deposit your money before you activate the bonus.

Overall Ahti Games Casino is a good casino we recommend to players who aren’t high rollers. The only thing we really wished they would change is the games section. It looks unprofessional and crowded.

As always, we recommend that you read the rules of the casino before joining it. We don’t update these reviews often and the casino might have made some changes. So do your due diligence before you sign up. Otherwise there is nothing left to say than have fun and enjoy your experience at Ahti Casino Games.





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