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Sign up bonus and promotions

If a casino does not have a 100% sign up bonus, chances are they are not worth your time. LunaCasino has that and a lot more to offer. Their concept “Deal of the Day” is a feature that we can’t resist. Who doesn’t want a daily bonus?

With Deal of the day you get a daily code that gives you benefits if you deposit money on your account. The deals are typically free spin, deposit bonuses or loyalty bonuses.

One very important note is that you can only get these deals if you accept the bonus before you deposit your money. If you deposit first, you won’t be eligible for the deal so keep that in mind! It would suck to deposit the money and not receive the bonus. So, remember accepting the bonus first and then deposit the money.

Finding you way around LunaCasino








When it comes to navigating around the site LunaCasino have chosen a very effective approach. It is simple but user friendly. Some people may even find it too user friendly. There is no pazaz to the site and some people really enjoy that. The atmosphere of an online casino will never be able to match a real casino, but it should try to.

On the other hand, as we stated before it is very user friendly. If you are a casino novice there is no better site to start your journey on. Everything is clearly marked and if you are not the most tech-savvy person this is the perfect site for you.

If you want to deposit or withdraw any money you simply have to press the bank button. If you want to play you simply play the games button. It is that simple. Every interface is really simple and set up in the same way. Alle players enjoy simplicity and efficiency. Novices and expert gamblers will have no difficulty finding their way around the site and that is a very god thing.

Although the design may to some be a little flat, we enjoy casinos that are not confusing to navigate. The crisp clean blue colour provides a soothing background and the clean menus are nice on the eye.

LunaCasino on phone and tables devices

Nowadays, people tend to play more and more on their phone or their tablet. This is a trend that LunaCasino has picked up on and that ss why the site is perfectly optimized to play on the go.

Nowadays, 70% of the traffic cassinos experience are coming from phone or tablet devices. So, the casinos really make an effort to optimize their websites to fit any device you want to play on. Today, phone and tablets are so powerful that they often outperform old laptops and desktops. For that reason, casinos actually prefer it when customers play on phones and tablets. The software which is needed to play on an online casino is much easier for a phone to handle than a pc. For a casino to perform flawlessly you need to have the right software. How many times have you pushed back a software update on your computer? We know we have, and each time your software is not up to date it creates problems for the experience and thus also for the casino. On a phone that is never an issue because they always auto update! And that is very important. With the correct software the experience become much better and the casinos receive less complaints from users.

You don’t need an app to play on LunaCasino. Just ump on your browser and enter the address. From there you will experience just how easy it is to play on the website. We recommend that you bookmark or even better add a shortcut to the website on your front page. That way you will always have easy access to LunaCasino.

Another added bonus by playing on a mobile device is that you can receive bonuses that are only available for players who play on mobile devices. This is a great incentive and just show how much the casinos want people to play on mobile devices.

LunaCasino customer service

You can reach LunaCasino 24/7. They have a phone that is open all hours and from there you can get in contact with their customer service people. Like almost every other casino we received friendly and professional guidance that we expect from a casino.

Our experience was a pleasant one. We never heard any complaining or whining from them. Considering how much abuse these poor people take sometimes it is only human that sometimes they become annoyed. We have had multiple experiences with other casino’s customer service where we have been yelled at or the phone all of a sudden disconnected. This was never the case with LunaCasino and that is always a great sign. A casino is only as good as the people working at it. That counts for “real” casinos and online casinos. They are in the entertainment business and people need to feel appreciated.

There are multiple languages available in their customer service. All though in the evening and at night it is only English.

You can also send an E-mail if you want to. Assume that the respond time will be a couple of days if you write in your native language. If you write the E-mail in English, the response should come in faster.

All in all, we don’t have any remarks to their customer service. We only experienced good customer service and we hope that you will experience the same.


Account verification

Usually the first that happens when you create a profile on a casino is that you need to verify yourself. This can be done by passport or any number of documentations. Usually they ask you for picture documentation. It really differs a lot from casino to casino. Some want a picture of your passport; others are satisfied with a selfie with an ID next to your face. It is weird but the casinos need to make sure you are the person playing. It also protects you from identity theft and other crimes.

If you play a lot, you might also be asked to produce documents that proof your source of wealth.

We always recommend that you verify your account before you start playing.

License, data protection and legislation

LunaCasino are licensed in Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Malta. If you live and play in Europe, you are under the protection of the GDPR. (General Data Protection Regulation). By law the casinos are not allowed to distribute your personal data. This data is kept on encrypted secure servers, so you don’t need to be afraid of giving LunaCasino your personal data.

Responsible gambling

Like every other casino, LunaCasino have an obligation to track players betting patterns. This is done to protect players who are at risk of developing a gambling addiction. We understand that it may be annoying for some, but we believe it is a small price to pay. Depending from country to country different measures are taken into consideration when preventing addictions.

Source of wealth and deposit limitations are put int place to make sure that the player can afford to play for that amount of money. It is also to protect the casinos. They mut act on any suspicion of foul play and as stated earlier are allowed to ask for papers documenting you source of wealth to make sure that the money is legally obtained.

LunaCasino also provide staff you may speak to if you feel you have the need of guidance. On the website there is a section with responsible gaming. Information can be obtained there, if you feel you might develop a problem.

Withdrawals and deposits on LunaCasino 

On LunaCasino there are several ways you can deposit money.

Of course, there is the classical way to deposit with VISA and other sorts of credit cards like MasterCard etc. Other ways to deposit may be Skrill or NetEller. Of course, this all depends what country you live in and what possibilities you have in your country. Instant Banking is another way to deposit. In some countries you can use Trustly which is our favorite way to deposit money.

If you deposit with Trustly it is possible to withdraw your money instantly. We believe that is the future. When the casinos can receive our money instantly, we should also be granted the same service. Trustly makes that possible.

Usually it takes 2-3 workdays to get your money back when you withdraw with a VISA. This is the 21st century! 2-3 days? It should be a crime.

You can’t withdraw money from a MasterCard in Europe, so if you deposit money with a MasterCard you need to do a bank transfer to receive your money.

LunaCasino conclusion

The Website is very user friendly and accessible. Our only critique is that the games section seems a little clunky. LunaCasino is a great casino for casino novices to learn how to navigate casino websites.

The biggest downside is, you’re allowed to withdraw approximately 10.000 euro a month tops. If you are a high roller we don’t recommend playing on this casino. But if you play at low stakes this is the perfect casino for you. If you are a new player or just a player looking for a good casino with great customer service LunaCasino suits your needs.

This combined with the great bonus deals should prove to be a great deal for a lot of players.

We always recommend that you do your own research before joining any casino. All we have written is subject to change and we don’t update our reviews daily. Do your due diligence before you sign up to any casino for your own protection.


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18+. Gamble Responsibly Find T&C here for more information

*Bonus offers can be different depending on your GEO
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