Learn about bonus terms at casinos

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Bonus Terms for Casinos

One thing is to read bonus terms and conditions. Another thing is to actually understand them.
On this page we’re trying to make you learn about bonus terms at cainos. We’ll explain what the different expressions mean and how it works in general. Hopefully this will teach you a thing or ten, so you’re better prepared for future bonuses.

Different kind of welcome offers

It’s always important to know exactly what kind of bonus you are playing with. Something like a welcome bonus can vary from casino to casino. But you probably know that since your here to learn about the bonus terms. 

A very popular bonus nowadays is called the “no-sticky” bonus. This bonus works in a way, where you’re actually playing with your own money first. Afterwards it’ll take from the bonus money. If you win while playing with your own money, you’ll have the option to pay out your winnings. This is without spending the bonus of course, so the normal wagering rules on the bonus don’t count. 
No wonder that’s a favourite amongst the players.

The more traditional and less popular kind of bonus, works in a way where your own money and the bonus money is added together. This means the whole amount needs to be wagered the listed amount of times, before you can withdraw any winnings. 

Few casinos also take half of your real money, and half of the bonus money. So they split them in 2 different bank rolls, when you deposit. It kind of works as the traditional bonus way, as above. The main difference being that the money is split for you visually. 
Casinos using this method will always take half from each balance, as long as you’ve got an active bonus. And you won’t be able to pay out any winnings before wagering both the balances. An example: You play EUR 10,- on blackjack. The casino will then take EUR 5,- from each of your 2 bank rolls. These are some of the tricks casinos use, to make sure you never cash out, before wagering all of it.


Max placement per bet

It’s also very normal that the casinos sets a max limit on each placement you can make, when having an active bonus.
 Normally this limit is around EUR 5,- or the equivalent in other currencies. If you try to place more than the allowed maximum stake, your bonus balance will cancel out, and any winnings won’t count as well. Very often, these Max Bets is what cause the players to make mistakes. That’s why it’s utterly important that you read the casinos’ bonus terms before you start playing with a bonus.

Let’s say the casino your playing at, has a Max Bet at EUR 5,-. If you win EUR 10,- and then hit the “double” feature, you’ll place a bet at EUR 10,- . This means your whole bonus is cancelled out, because your Max Bet was EUR 5,-.

Be very alert. Some casinos use wordings like “Max Bet is set to EUR 5,- or 10% of your deposit – whichever is lowest”. 
This is where it can can very tricky. Because if you deposited EUR 20,- your Max Bet will then be EUR 2-.


Bonus progression

Wagering requirements is something you need to understand fully before playing with bonuses. If you read through a specific bonus’ terms, you’ll often find that not all games counts towards wagering the bonus. Some actually only counts 10% in the rules.
That means if you play for EUR 10,- only 1 euro will count towards the wagering process. Several slot machines only counts for maybe 50%, which means you have to risk double, than what you should’ve done. If you had just chosen one of the listed machines’ in the bonus, you would’ve reached the wager requirements much faster. 

Don’t forget to always read and keep up with your casinos’ bonus terms. If the casino you’re playing at split up the slots in different categories like in the example above, you can be left very frustrated

You can always send us a question, if there’s a specific thing you would like to learn about bonus terms.