Dont let your emotions take over! Set your limits!

January 10, 2021

Set your limits

To protect the players, some gaming authorities has introduced deposit limits on online casinos.

The rules are as follows:

“A player must set a deposit limit before play can begin. The player must be able to choose whether the deposit limit must be daily, weekly or monthly. The amounts on the deposit limit, with the exception of an upper deposit limit, must not be predetermined by the licensee.

2. A player’s request for an increase in a previously set deposit limit may take effect at the earliest after 24 hours. ”

Translated into layman’s language, this means that once you have created an account at an online casino, you must set a deposit limit. This deposit limit determines how much money you can deposit. There are three ways to set your deposit limit. It can be set as a daily maximum amount, weekly maximum amount or monthly maximum amount. If you want to increase the deposit limit, it takes 24 hours from the time you change the amount until the new deposit limit is active.

If, on the contrary, you want to lower the deposit limit, this happens immediately! All of these rules are in place to protect players. Responsible gaming is essential, and we can only agree with the gaming authority’s recommendations and rules.

All casinos offer a very high deposit limit, so if you set that deposit limit to the highest limit, only an extremely small percentage of players will be affected by these “restrictions”.

For the majority of players, gambling is fun and and a nice way to spend some time, but if you have a problem with gambling, you should consider visiting the website Here you can get advice on responsible gambling and chat or talk to experts about your concerns.






For those who might be free to play without setting limits from the beginning

Make sure to never lose control by taking advantage of these Responsible Gambling tool the bookmakers and casinos are offering you! Ask from beginning in the chat, if its possible to set a deposit limit. If yes (which would be very wierd if not) sign up, and set up those limits before your first deposit. Many players enjoy gambling as a funny thing so kill an hour or two daily, but if the luck turns down on you, some might try to win it back. Its all about emotions, and some of us can’t control it. Set the limits, accept a loss, and come back when you are fresh minded. 

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